Photo of Cheesecake Residence, stairway alcove; architect, Laura Hartman, AIA;
Cheesecake Residence, stairway alcove; architect, Laura Hartman, AIA; SEE MORE

Our Mission

Philo Saw Works: Fine Building & Renovation in Mendocino County Since 1976

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every building is constructed for a lifespan of generations while maintaining workplaces for our employees, associates, and clients that are safe and also foster excellence at all levels.

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About Philo Saw Works

From a sawmill to expertise in residences, commercial, concrete, bridges, barns, Pisé construction, and so much more

When Jim Boudoures bought a portable sawmill in 1975 and went into business, he set the stage for what is today a construction company with a breadth of experience that has captured the imagination of homebuilders, commercial establishments, notable architects, and designers, and is capable of taking on complex projects both commercial and residential. Joined by Jim’s sons, Peter and Jack, today, Philo Saw Works carries on the traditions of craftsmanship and work ethic for future generations.

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Photo of Barstow/Ensign Residence; architect, Regan Bice and Assoc., Berkeley, CA; exterior landscaping
Barstow/Ensign Residence, exterior; architect, Regan Bice and Assoc.; SEE MORE